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Parks & Recreation

Middlebury Parks — Making Life Better

Mission Statement:  The Town of Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department endeavors to maintain quality parks, trails, and facilities to educate, entertain, and encourage the citizens of Middlebury to enjoy and support their outdoor resources, historic and cultural treasures, and recreational opportunities while preserving, protecting and promoting natural areas and inhabitants in accordance with serving as good stewards of our environment.

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Parks & Recreation

The Park and Recreation Department Office is located at 504 E. Warren Street.  The Park office hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday.   The Manager of the Park Department is Tom Enright.  Tom can be reached at 574-536-2305 cell or 574-825-3283 office.   The Park Department employs Andrew Edlund the full time employee and three part-time employees throughout the year and four seasonal Summer Fun Day Camp counselors during the summer.  Call Tom for available open positions in the Park Department.

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The Middlebury Park and Recreation Board is the policy making authority for the Parks and Recreation Department.  The Board has authority to pass bond issues and to appropriate non-reverting operating funds.  The Board receives a major portion of funds from the Town general fund.  Board meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Town Hall.  Meetings start at 3:00 PM.  Board meetings are open to the public.  

The Park and Recreation Board consists of four Town of Middlebury citizens appointed by the Town Council for a four year term.  The current members are:

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John McKee  Elma Chapman
Monica Yoder   Barb Spice
The parks offer several facilities that can be rented for various events.  All facilities can be used for free on a first come, first serve basis.  However, many people want to reserve a facility for a special event.  To do so please contact the Middlebury Town Hall offices at 574-825-1499 to discuss open dates and to complete a Park Facility Rental Form.


Riverbend Park is home to a 30' X 40' open air pavilion that holds 8 picnic tables and offers outdoor grills and electricity.  The pavilion is close to the parking lot, playground, basketball courts and volleyball courts.  A pond and the Little Elkhart River are in close proximity as well.  This pavilion is used on a regular basis, ideal for family reunions, birthday parties and company outings.  Porta-potties are located by the basketball courts.  

East Park houses a 20' X 30' open air pavilion that holds 6 picnic tables and has electric outlets close by.  The pavilion is close to a playground, basketball courts and downtown businesses.  There are no restrooms on the park property.  
Along the Middlebury Greenway is a 20' X 30' open air pavilion adjacent to the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail and the Krider World's Fair Garden Park.  Six picnic tables are  housed under the pavilion and electric outlets are provided.  Beautiful landscaping surrounds the pavilion including views of the Quilt Garden.  There are restrooms located along the Greenway Trail.

Memorial Park has a Gazebo and Bandstand.  These two facilities, set in close proximity to each other, have built in bench style seating and electric outlets.  There are no restrooms in the park.
Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering a variety of programs and events that provide education and entertainment to the Middlebury Community.  Below is information about some of our special events and programs.

Middlebury Riverfest is a family fun and educational event that celebrates the importance of fresh water and the value of the Little Elkhart River.  Family fun events such as games, crafts, a live animal show, kayaking, and nature education can be found at Riverfest.  Riverfest is held in August.

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Middlebury Summer Fun Day Camp is a free day camp offered to kids ages 5 - 12 who live in the Middlebury School District.  The camp runs Monday - Friday for five weeks in June, July and August.  The camp offers free snacks and field trips to fun places.  For more information contact the Park office at 574-825-3283 or download the 2023 registration forms.
IMG_0233Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department provides a diverse range of programs and activities for the social, recreational and physical development of our area youth.

Environmental Learning:
The Park Manager presents a variety of topics on environmental education in our local schools.  Monthly programs are available on special nights for kids to come learn from local experts.

Summer Fun Day Camp:
This is a free day camp offered to kids ages 5 - 12 who live in the Middlebury School District.  The camp runs Monday thru Friday for five weeks in June and July.  The camp offers free snacks and field trips to fun places.  Click on this for information.  Contact the Middlebury Park Department for more information 574-825-3283.
Summer Fun Welcome packet 2023

Special Events:
Mini Golf @ the Library - November
Riverfest will be August 27, 2022

Multi-Use Trails and Playgrounds are available throughout the park system for use by children of all ages.
Be a Donor

The Town Flower Fund is an annual opportunity to donate to a program used primarily to fund the popular and iconic light post flowers that grace Main Street as well as additional flower plantings in the parks.  If you have other ideas to keep Middlebury Parks forested, fun and in bloom contact us.  Download the Middlebury Town Flower Fund brochure to donate to this fund. 

Become a Member

The Friends of Middlebury Parks or FOMP is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that recognizes the social and economic value of the parks to our community.  The mission of FOMP is to develop an ongoing support group of interested individuals, families, civic groups and businesses to help preserve, improve and further develop Middlebury parks and recreation activities.  For information about becoming a member of FOMP Click Here.

Be a Sponsor

The Middlebury Parks Department participates in three signature events annually; The Trails of Middlebury Celebration,  Riverfest, and Mini Golf @ the Library.  These events are dependent on generous sponsors to provide valuable youth and adult education, entertainment and recreation.  Individuals, families, community service groups and corporations are welcome as valued sponsors.  Sponsorship allows you to share in bettering our community and to let others know what you value.

Be a Volunteer - give your time and talents 

Hands on volunteering - actively assist in our parks.  Join us for a couple of hours and make a difference at scheduled work days.  Stewardship Days offer both useful outdoor education and a gratifying volunteer component.  Church groups, civic groups, scout groups or businesses are welcome to volunteer at scheduled work days or to choose your own date.  Build your team, give of yourselves and beautify our community. 
Helping hands - Don't "dig" hands on?  Many other ways exist to volunteer.  Assist with programs and preparing kids crafts during our Summer Fun Day Camp.  Serve on committees and boards, lead tours, contribute photos and stories. 
Helping you help others,  Indiana Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, Honor Students, Eagle Scouts, Interns, Community Service Workers.  Those fulfilling requirements for certification, badges or classes, check out our list of on-going volunteer needs.

Honor that Special Person

The Giving Tree - Long term, lasting gifts are recognized on engraved leaves and become the beautiful and inspiring Giving Tree displayed in the foyer of the Middlebury Town Hall.  Stop in and admire the Giving Tree, itself an example of a volunteer's time and talents

Memorials - Honor a loved one by improving Middlebury Parks for future generations and investing in the ideas and values of a loved one.  Bequests - Leave a legacy of support for your family, friends and community of the things you value about Middlebury Parks such as education, recreation, trails, protection of natural resources and beautifying Middlebury.  Friends of the Middlebury Parks offers the option of giving to a not-for-profit.

For Information on getting involved in the Middlebury Parks, contact Tom Enright, Park Manager,
at 574-825-3283 or
Green Initiatives are strategies and methods used that guide the Park and Recreation Department towards having quality parks while protecting the environment.  Listed below are a few of the current Green Initiatives taking place in the parks.

Natural Lawn Care is an environmentally safe way to maintain an attractive lawn without using chemically based fertilizers and herbicides.  We use corn gluten and alfalfa meal on our park lawns.  These natural fertilizers are slowly broken down and feed the soil, which in turn feeds the grass.  We also apply compost and compost tea to our lawns and gardens.

Native Plant Landscaping provides a dynamic landscape for our parks.  Using native plants offers several seasons of change throughout the landscape, opposed to a static landscape.  Native plants offer great beauty, interest and provide a much needed service for the environment.  Beneficial insects and birds have co-evolved with these plants.  Native plants provide food and shelter for visiting animals.

Water Quality and Conservation practices have been used in the parks, such as the two rain gardens established using native plants.  These rain gardens collect rain and snow melt from impervious surfaces such as parking lots and roof tops and allow the water to slowly seep into the ground, cleaning the water before it enters streams or our ground water.

Invasive Plant Removal is an ongoing activity in our parks.  Just as native plants improve the environment; invasive plants can degrade the environment.  They can out-compete native plants and reduce habitat for other plants and animals.  The Park Department attempts to remove as many of those plants in our parks.  It is a huge task and we could use your help during our Stewardship Days programs.

Recycling in the Parks is encouraged for a better tomorrow.  2-liter shaped recycling bins are located in the parks to collect recyclable items.

Nature Programs in the parks offer a variety of nature related information.  Educated citizens are the best tool for improving the quality of the environment, which will make for a healthier society, increased tourism and higher quality of life. 

For current events scheduled in the parks, check our Facebook page.  
Who are the Friends of the Middlebury Parks or FOMP? 

The Friends of Middlebury Parks is a support group of individuals, families, civil groups, and businesses interested in working with and assisting the Town of Middlebury's Park and Recreation Department.  The Friends are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization relying on the support of its members through time, expertise and financial contribution to help maintain, improve and expand parks, trails, facilities, programs and events in Middlebury.

What are the benefits of the organization?

The Parks Department benefits greatly from FOMP volunteer activities and financial assistance that helps with projects that would otherwise have been left undone.  Volunteers and community financial support are an important benefit to the park system.

How do the Friends of the Middlebury Parks provide assistance?

The objective of the Friends is to provide:
A forum for public input and advice on how park and recreation activities can be sustained, expanded and improved in Middlebury.
A pool of volunteers that can support both routine and special projects implemented by the Parks Department and Park Board.

How can you get involved?

Become a member of the Friends of Middlebury Parks -  Membership form

Check out the Friends newsletter:
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