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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives are strategies and methods used that guide the Park and Recreation Department towards having quality parks while protecting the environment.  Listed below are a few of the current Green Initiatives taking place in the parks.

Natural Lawn Care is an environmentally safe way to maintain an attractive lawn without using chemically based fertilizers and herbicides.  We use corn gluten and alfalfa meal on our park lawns.  These natural fertilizers are slowly broken down and feed the soil, which in turn feeds the grass.  We also apply compost and compost tea to our lawns and gardens.

Native Plant Landscaping provides a dynamic landscape for our parks.  Using native plants offers several seasons of change throughout the landscape, opposed to a static landscape.  Native plants offer great beauty, interest and provide a much needed service for the environment.  Beneficial insects and birds have co-evolved with these plants.  Native plants provide food and shelter for visiting animals.

Water Quality and Conservation practices have been used in the parks, such as the two rain gardens established using native plants.  These rain gardens collect rain and snow melt from impervious surfaces such as parking lots and roof tops and allow the water to slowly seep into the ground, cleaning the water before it enters streams or our ground water.

Invasive Plant Removal is an ongoing activity in our parks.  Just as native plants improve the environment; invasive plants can degrade the environment.  They can out-compete native plants and reduce habitat for other plants and animals.  The Park Department attempts to remove as many of those plants in our parks.  It is a huge task and we could use your help during our Stewardship Days programs.

Recycling in the Parks is encouraged for a better tomorrow.  2-liter shaped recycling bins are located in the parks to collect recyclable items.

Nature Programs in the parks offer a variety of nature related information.  Educated citizens are the best tool for improving the quality of the environment, which will make for a healthier society, increased tourism and higher quality of life. 

For current events scheduled in the parks, check our Facebook page.